Why Facebook’s Ad Transparency is Good

How to See All Dark Posts on Facebook – Accessing the new ad listings is fairly simple. To view a Page’s active ads, tap or click on the menu option in the left-hand function bar titled “Info and Ads. “From there, you’re able to browse through all the ads the Page is running. You can even take it a step further and filter by country to see which ads are running in each region. Now that you know how to access this new feature, here are three ways that Facebook’s public ad listings are actually a good thing.

  1. Get inspiration from ads on other pages – Inspiration is a huge part of the creative process – without it, ads can get pretty boring. Interestingly, finding inspiration for social media ads can be extremely difficult.With other mediums, finding inspiration was easy. When creating a television spot, you can hop over to YouTube and watch commercials. You can drive by a billboard, or hear the same radio ad the rest of the world can hear.With social media ads? Not so much. Dark posts made this domain extremely private, which can often lead to a dry spell of inspiration and innovation. It can be hard to break out of your creative routine if you’re working in a vacuum – after all, Facebook’s ads are all about testing.Don’t be afraid to test some of what you have seen. That doesn’t mean plagiarise, it simply means you have the ability to artfully steal what you like, then let the results speak for themselves.
  2. Build trust with your audience – Competition can be stressful – but it can also make you better at what you do. Just by knowing that your competitors are always watching, or that any prospects or current customers can act as a watchdog, should make you think twice about your ads.This may sound restrictive, but opening the doors to your workshop could potentially motivate you to go the extra mile. If you are publishing something that you don’t feel comfortable showing people outside of your target group, then chances are it shouldn’t go live at all.It is important to also realise that your competition won’t be the only ones with the ability to view your ads – your current customers, as well as prospective buyers, might also take a peak. But this can really only work to your advantage if you are playing by the rules.With so many online scams out there, people are becoming a lot more careful online – they aren’t going to enter their credit card information just anywhere. It is very likely that your running ads could be used as a way to screen your company to ensure that it is legitimate, or even as a way to see if what you’re offering on your website matches what you’re posting online.
  3. Your metrics will not be skewed – A big concern marketers have when they first hear about this new change is how their data will be impacted. Luckily, Facebook’s a step ahead of the game. If you have visitors checking out your “Info and Ads” section, they will not be able to interact with your advertisement.While it is still unclear is users coming in from an ad clicked on in the “Info and Ads” section will be counted as conversions. It is very likely that the only thing that could be impacted is your website traffic – although there still hasn’t been much information on this topic. However, even if users coming in from this pathway are counted towards your website visits, the number would be extremely small, so there is really nothing to worry about.

So, in conclusion Facebook’s election interference is an unfortunate example of what can happen if there is a shortage of visibility in the social media advertising world. Since the reports were exposed, all social media platforms have been working hard to develop new systems to prevent such practices from happening again.

That said, Facebooks’ new policies treat political advertisers a lot differently from businesses, with plans to archive up to seven years’ worth of ads and more information on targeting stats.

Change is always hard to adapt to, but it is safe to say that adding a layer of transparency to our Facebook advertising is a step in the right direction.

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