Why is a Social Media Bio Crucial?

So why do you actually need a strong bio? And why do you miss out if you don't have one? People have short attention spans so you must grab their attention straight away! So how do you do this?

Firstly a profile image is needed which means, you need to ensure your image is clear and represents your brand guidelines. This image needs to be creative so this needs to be eye-catching while also being relevant to your industry.

Secondly, take advantage of your banner image or cover photo as it is called on some social media platforms. Now you can really get creative with this as there is so much space you can use to show off your brand and the best part is this is the first thing users will see when they click onto your profile is the banner image at the top. You can use the banner image to show off your latest achievements such as awards that your business has won or an individual achievement from one of your work colleagues. Furthermore, you can also promote an upcoming event that your business is attending or a competition that can get your followers engaged. When it comes to keeping your followers and customers happy you can easily have a banner image of testimonials that you have acquired for your great services!

Next top tip is using keywords, now keywords in social media bio's are crucial for search results and bringing in the traffic from the social media users of all platforms, however, do not overdo it. Don't make the bio so keyword stuffed as this will only scare away followers and social users as they might start to think that you are robots. Essentially only use the top two keywords that are relevant to your business and industry.

Social media bios need links to your website pages this provides more exposure for your website just by adding the link in the bio at the end of a high quality creative and keyword optimised social media bio.

You will need to be smart when you are creating your social media bios because every social media network has its own requirements this means you need to adjust and tweak the bio depending on the platform you are creating it for. Try and get your business achievements such as awards in the bio this will show that you are a successful business which has strong expertise within your industry sector.


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