What do People want from a Social Media App

And that will start out with an ease of connectivity, as we know social media is a way to bring the world together, I mean how else are you going to talk to a friend in America without costing yourself a single penny? Before the invention of social media, the internet was a vast planet of sorts that everyone navigated alone. Of course, our innate human need for connection found this to be extremely uncomfortable and ever since have discovered new ways to create convenient and quick connectivity between users. Social media allows you to keep in touch with friends, family, and idols all over the globe.

Therefore, to build a successful social media app you will need to maintain or build upon this ease of connectivity. Your app would need seamless navigation features. There should be little or no stress in signing up, logging in or socialising as it is. All the major social media apps require little effort from users to connect, and your app would have to follow suit to attract a fanbase.

You should also be able to have the ability to expand user following. This is one of the primary reasons Instagram has experiences so much success with the app. Instagram gives you the easiest access to millions of people all over the world. As a result, it is easy to build a following on the platform, and anyone can gather thousands of fans in a relatively short period compared to other social media apps.

Mobile app developers should take a cue or two from Instagram and make it as simple as possible for users to find a following on their platform at least at the beginning. This will not only enhance the social image of the app but also encourage users to post content which keeps the app relevant.

The last one we will be going over is choosing the right platform. Mobile app developers now have the option of launching their apps on several popular platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and more. It is not exactly advisable to launch on all platforms particularly in the beginning stages of your app development.

Choose a platform that supports your features best, especially one that affords the best interactive medium for your social media app. Also, choose a platform that supports various devices so as to enhance the performance of the app.

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