What Brands shouldn’t do on Social Media

So, why do people unfollow you? And what shouldn’t you be doing on social media, find out the answer to both these questions with this handy list now.

  • Did you know that 48% of users unfollow because the business is doing far too much promotion, people don’t follow you to be spammed with promotional messages, they follow you because they enjoy the personality of your business, plus to buy from you, they aren’t going to do this if you are too spammy.
  • Always make sure that as a business you find a balance of promotional posts with educational, inspirational and entertaining content, as I said its not all about spamming promotional posts, if people are interested in your business for that reason then they will buy from you but before that happens you need to be able to coax them over.
  • As a business, you need to have a strong message, something that your audience will associate with your business, so why are you posting something that to put it simply, is not relevant to your business? Always make sure to stay true to what your business is about, as opposed to what will get you the clicks, just make sure to stay true to your business.
  • Yet again, 35% people unfollow because businesses tweet too much, so yet again never over do the posts.
  • Never try to use slang or jargon if it isn’t relevant to your business, after all I am sure that if you were in the business of staging systems, the last thing you would be using is slang.
  • Never go silent, the last reason any audience follows a business is to stare blankly at posts from weeks ago, they want new updates, they want to know what is going on with your brand hence them following you.
  • Lastly, in relation to being quiet, don’t ignore your followers, if someone messages your brand, ensure you respond as quickly as possible, or suffer being unfollowed by people that feel disenfranchised with your business because you couldn’t be bothered to respond.

So, that was my blog on how you can avoid the major pitfalls that come across brands on social media, I hope this is useful, and you have learnt a lot from this.

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