3 Ways you are Able to Utilise Social Media Listening

Whether you’re using social media monitoring or not, most people will be talking about you on social media, after all that is the main point of contact for most businesses these days, well either that or a phone number, and therefore neglecting your audience on social media is an incredibly bad move, marketing wise. As in order to run an effective social listening campaign, the primary start point for any business should be the keywords that your business want to track, just make sure that they’re relevant.

So, let’s begin with the obvious question, what are keywords? In terms of social media monitoring, keywords are the words, or maybe even word combinations, that you will put into your monitoring tool, this is so that the program you are using will be able to find mentions of these words, therefore making your social listening exercise a whole lot more streamlined and efficient.

A keyword could be anything from “WorldCup” to “It’s coming home”. Dependant on your needs, you might also want a tool to process complex word combinations through search operators. With that here are some tips on how you can use a social media monitoring tool to your benefit you in various ways.

So, we will start off with the most obvious keywords that you should be setting up for, and that is any mention of your brand name, this is of course the most obvious starting point. Unfortunately, you can’t just put in your brand name and be done with it – no matter how simple your brand name may be, there will always be people that misspell it. Even something as simple as British Airways can be misspelt. So, simply put just take into account the possibility of your audience misspelling your name.

Up next, is campaigns and products, you should 100% be monitoring all of your marketing campaigns separately in order to help you identify how much buzz you create with each, and what people think about your messaging. If you have any branded hashtags, you need to make sure that you are tracking them, this is how you will be certain of any traffic. So, ensure that any branded content you have is 100% tracked, or forever miss out on some engagement.

Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly you must always be tracking your competitors, competitor monitoring is also a key component to consider – based on the experiences of your rivals, you can see what works and what doesn’t, enabling you to avoid repeating a similar mistake.

Not only that, but you can also find weak spots in their offerings, which you can then use to your advantage. You can’t always jump in and push your products in such interactions, but one thing is certain it is worth monitoring all of these competitor keyword variations to get a better handle on what they are doing, and what people are saying about their services.

So, that was three ways that you are able to utilise social media listening in order to increase your own engagement.

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