Ways to Grow your Email listing through Instagram

  1.  Entice People to sign-up in your bio – Use the language in your bio to encourage people to connect with you off Instagram. For extra credit – and more conversions – direct people to a mobile optimised landing page, welcoming them from Instagram.
  2.  Promote sign-ups in your Instagram Stories – The swipe up feature in Instagram Stories is all the rage – use it for your non-profit by inserting a link to your email sign up landing page right into your Instagram story.
  3.  Promote your social media contests and events – One fantastic way to grow an email list is by holding a social media contest which requires people to enter their email to participate. You can then share a link on Instagram, and get more email sign ups and participation.
  4.  Promote your lead/magnet free download incentive – Offering an exclusive, impossible to resist download on your website is a sure fire way to get people to give you their email address. While non-profits may not be able to offer discounts and coupons, they can offer access to special reports, events and other perks.

So, there you have it – four ways you are going to be able to utilise everything Instagram, in order to build a non-profit email list. I hope that these tips were useful, and you begin to use them in your everyday social media, because trust me, your marketing will be better for it.

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