3 Tips on How to Work with the Social Platform Algorithm

Upload Video Content Directly

And we will start out with the first of these tips, which is to upload your video content directly. Video content doesn’t qualify as an out of the box suggestion here, but we are including it because it can be an extremely powerful way to be able to reach people organically on social media. Research also shows that natively uploaded Facebook video has a 186% higher engagement rate than videos linked from other sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Utilise Micro Videos

Now, on to tip number two, and this is to ensure that the videos you are posting are micro videos. We all know that videos can earn exponentially more engagement than their photo and text counterparts, but producing elaborate, long winded videos can be out of reach for some brands. Instead, focus on short clips that can be shot and edited within a couple of minutes, earning more shares and views than a photo whilst still being relatively easy to produce.

Live Stream Social Media Content23

My next tip for what you should look to do to work with the algorithm changes, is to stream live to Facebook. Live social media broadcasts are watched 3x longer than regular videos, making them an awesome way to reach your followers in an authentic way. You should look to run your live feed for an extended period of time, we recommend that you try and do at least 10 minutes, as this will keep the audience engaged for a longer period of time. Live videos can also be great for sharing behind the scenes content, highlighting new products, or answering questions straight from the customers mouth.

So, those were a few tips on how you can best utilise the new algorithm changes for your business, I hope this was an informative read and you learnt a lot about algorithm changes.

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