Why Twitter Should be Used for Customer Service

But one of the less talked about platforms that I believe would be the perfect option for customer service is Twitter, why you ask? Well, let’s find out if Twitter Should be Used for Customer Service?

Why would Twitter Work?

Well, lets start off with whether consumers actually use Twitter expecting to be treat to good customer service, and the answer to that is yes. Consumers have long tweeted at brands whenever they are furious or delighted about a service or product that the business sells.

In fact, individual retailers are now dealing with thousands of customers on Facebook and Twitter every month. One study found that more than a third of millennials have used social media in this way. But is tweeting at a company really the best way to get your voice heard.

Well, for the moment at least it really depends on what the issue is and on the company. While an increasing number of companies have full time staff dedicated to trawling social media and corresponding with consumers, many businesses still devote most of their resources to methods such as call centres and live chats.

Who and How Could this Benefit Businesses?

So, in order for Twitter to truly compete with these two main forms of customer service, it is really going to have to evolve how it works. Maybe combining both Twitter and the call centres through having an option to call them in the bio to voice a complaint to the call centre. Then utilising a Skype esc app on the PC or Mobile in order to communicate with the business and discuss your problem.

This could also widen into actual social media posts they put out. A prime example of a business I believe could do very well off the back of this in their mission could be Samaritans. This is because it would give people who struggle with mental health issues the perfect platform to be able to quickly contact someone to talk to.

So, in conclusion while Twitter is not yet set up for full customer service, with a few small tweaks I believe Twitter could become the heart of all customer service for businesses. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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