Top Tips For Creating Social Media Content

Throughout this blog, I will talk you through tips and techniques that can instantly improve your day to day social media content creation and how you gain ideas. Create a strong core of social media posts that create an immaculate brand!

Create social media content from blogs

Now social media posts that are promotional are great don’t get me wrong but creating social media content from blogs provides an injection of personality about your brand. Another key feature of posting content from blogs is that you can provide a better understanding of your service to the reader as you blog content tends to go deeper into the common questions of the business services and products. Now to do this simply pick out the top 3 or 4 sentences in the blog that represent the content best and reword them into questions or a top tip feature which would easily draw the user in to click on the link on the social post and boom there onto your website reading the blog. Now the domino effect from here is that the customer will finish reading the blog and will browse through your company website and view the services and contact you. This is all converted from a few social media posts from a blog.

Create social media content from webpages

Social media posts will always link to webpages, but there is a strategy here, make sure you create a bulk library of social media posts that link to your services/products page and a case studies page if you have one. Now your services/products page is the core of your company so not promoting about these on social media to the world is essentially shooting yourself in the foot. If you have multiple office or working locations make sure you have a webpage for this so then you can create content that links to these pages and ensures that your target audience knows you operate your services in a large area. Creating posts about case studies and testimonials is a great blueprint of evidence that you are performing successfully in your industry. This will catch the consumers attention so its essential you have a webpage of testimonials and case studies you can link too. Now when creating posts everyone needs to have a call to action at the end of the post so you need to post social media posts to the contact page. This means you need

Create social media content from keywords

Keywords are essential for content creation, they are involved in absolutely everything! Keywords help search engine optimisation, yes they do, but using them in a social post will allow you to cover every important aspect of your business in your digital marketing campaign! Keywords will need to be sprinkled in social media posts which are about blog posts, case studies, services/product promotion!

Create social media content that contains video

Now social media posts with video will get the most reach out of any type of social media post so use them! Videos are more engaging too the average person will more likely watch a video with images, time lapses, product guides and testimonials compared to a written post. So get creative!

 Content is key for social media posts and if you have plenty of content then social media platforms are your playground!

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