Top Social Media Content For Conversions


Interactive content

Now your social media content needs to be more interactive by creating polls, creating a Q&A style video or a competition. This technique will boost your engagement with your followers and can build a strong brand presence and build on the visibility of your social media content.


Strongly positive content

Now content that is creating a strong reaction such as laughter, amusement and awe will showcase your content as genuine, thoughtful of your followers and will definitely ensure that you are not a robot. Share inspirational stories and achievements to further boost engagement as this will boost shares on your social media content.


Visual Content

Visuals are an absolute must for your social media content, in today's world people don't really want to be reading, the users would rather see something like an image or a thumbnail and a video playing. This is why you seem social media feeds dominated by videos, gifs, memes and creative image content. Before you have your social content in place ready to be distributed make sure could represent something visually before committing to text.



User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an important resource to earn impressions and engagement on social media platforms. Especially when it comes to social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. You can also end up gifting social media influencers to promote your products and tag them with an immaculate caption on the post. Furthermore, you could curate content which shares customers and fans art content and articles etc.

When sharing UGC, ensure that you tag relevant people and add the right hashtags to increase exposure for your content.

If your intention is to create social media content that contributes to your business goals, it’s essential to create content that’s likely to boost conversions.


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