The Social Void – A World Without Internet Engagement?

What is the social void? It's the place where traditionally, the elderly, uneducated or those lacking internet find themselves in a world where everything is interconnected and commenting is only a tap, snap or click away. The Social Void is the 'no-go' exclusion zone you find in the school playground when Timmy is the only one in class without a Nintendo DS at playtime.

What's wrong with going offline?

Immediately you are cutting your customers off from engaging with you. No longer can they go to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and start a conversation with you. You are the social outcast in the class, and it's going to have repercussions for your business.

Usually, these days when you have a complaint about a company you take to their social media feeds and get it seen to. Most companies are prompt to reply, and customer service has moved towards the digital realm making it easier for customers to feel like a company cares.

When you move offline, you cut off the lines of communication. Nobody will know what is going on in your business unless he or she wants to look, and who's going to do that if you have a rival business around the corner?

People are growing lazy and the more comfortable you make it for them to engage, complain and plan to use your services the more likely you are to get custom from them. Social media is a key point of content marketing as the BBC reported in 2016, more and more young people consume their news and updates via social media platforms so without it you are going to be missing out on the next generation. 

Plus, without a social media presence when people are complaining you immediately lose your way of responding publicly. All people will see is the negative posts on social media, and you will not be able to stand up for your company. All of this results in your business's public image being damaged, possibly irreparably.

Where does this leave you?

Customers are likely to use your phone lines or emails to complain. This is much more private on the surface, but its very likely they will be directly engaging with other users on social media about your business and complaining loudly via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more. When customers leave bad reviews online, you have significantly fewer options available to you to respond and even less opportunity to promote your businesses positive influences, especially in the local community. This can have a knock-on effect on your companies website SEO and result in less visibility for your business. 

Without the presence on those platforms, you lose out on any opportunity to defend yourself. Several companies have turned complaints around into positive PR relations by spinning positive relationships and engaging directly with the complaining customer on a publicly accessible platform such as twitter or facebook. This has happened with Mcdonalds, Burger King, Virgin Trains and many more. 

Furthermore, you lose out on any chance at additional promotion and generating sales through direct engagement with your customers. If you or your team is finding it difficult to manage the social media of your business, consider outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency such as Institution Marketing and Advertising that specialise in providing engaging, creative content.  Come down for a cuppa and let's see if we can't sort out your social media situation. 

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