Creating the Perfect Instagram Bio

Profile Photo

This awakens the visual senses in the users visiting your page. A profile photo should, however, be relevant to your business. this could be a product photo or the company logo. Whichever it is, it needs to be attractive, both on your profile and when minimised in the feed.


This appears at the top of the profile page. Through the username, other users can tag you. it is searchable on the Instagram search field and naming it carefully is important.

Instagram Bio

Instagram gives you a maximum of 150 characters to summarise your company and its activities. This is where you choose your words wisely to sum up the details of your company.


This is the place where you can directly link your website, which is still in the bio. Here, you can actively involve your users since they can visit your company website through your Instagram bio.


Whenever you add your email address on your bio, an Email button is generated on your profile. This information appears below all the other information. When a user clicks on the Email button, the Instagram app prompts them to open their default mail app on their phone.

Now on to talking about how to write a perfect bio:

Write Appropriate CTAs

You should also call them Call-To-Action. Possibly the most important part of your Instagram bio. They can be divided into the homepage, landing page, and the social shopping page. Proper CTAs direct users to a business social shopping page

Add Hashtags to your Instagram Bio

This is a new future that Instagram introduced. This opens up possibilities for the digital marketers. Adding a linked hashtag to your Instagram bio directs other users to specific campaigns even without searching for them.

By tapping the hashtag in the bio, you can see the relevant posts about a particular company. Hashtags do more than just leveraging user generated content. They create communities of users with a common goal and taste.

The right hashtags will help you draw an audience to connect with your brand. this gives them an opportunity to engage in your conversation.

Provide the Important Company Information

Your Instagram bio should be the place where you provide only the important company information. In this limited Instagram space, you should be brief and ensure that the information is accurate and clear. This is where you place your company’s physical location and its contacts.

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