The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers

Social media on teenagers affects them from reading & consuming information the traditional way. Information consumed these days by teenagers is on social media so teenagers are still reading but they are reading online and this is an instant addiction that has swept the world by storm hours and hours of free time scrolling on social media. A culture that colleges are trying to tackle in order to improve the communication skills of their students.

Jaw dropping stats is that teenagers now spend two hours a day texting on social media and two hours a day browsing social media & two hours a day browsing the internet in general, that's six hours a day on the phone consuming information. In addition, the digital age is blasting away the past because not only the younger generations but even the older generations are no longer consuming information from newspapers. This is no surprise given the fact that newspaper giants now have their own apps and websites where you can get your daily fix. However, there are some side effects, one being the attention spans of students declining which is challenging as they may find it difficult to read long extracts of texts.

Because of the entertaining task of being engaged in social media for a large amount of time among the young generations, this does not mean there is a lack of intelligence among young people, it means they are able to complete multiple tasks in a short space of time. However, the creative ideas get better and better when students scroll through social media and analyse the content that they are seeing right in front of their eyes. This allows them to review the content they feel means more to them or content that grabs the attention span straight away. So already they are building up a list of ideas what they feel will help them develop digital skills with a strong awareness of what younger generations want.

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