The Evolution of Instagram Stories

Retailers and popular brands such as Adidas, Nike and Topman have links on the items that don't require you to leave the Instagram app.

Starting on Tuesday, some retailers, including Adidas, Aritzia and The Kooples can tag and link directly to their products. Instagram users can click on the link and buy the item directly, without having to leave the app because the item is tagged.

This feature is even more appealing to brands who create videos on Instagram, especially when videos can now be extended for longer on stories which gives a major breakthrough for social media stars or actors who are very popular to promote a product item and this will be the equivalent of watching a show or a spectacular TV spot but with the link on the video so they can purchase the item directly. Video content is growing and with this new shopping feature, this will underline the importance of this media once.

In addition, the links are free to use and this could potentially see big brands pumping more money into the social media platform. This can potentially take over TV commercials and radio commercials. However this will come down to how successful this function is, this can go one or two ways either users will be tempted and pulled in to purchase the product or they will see it as a pushy invasion of digital marketing.

Just to clarify this shopping feature on the Instagram Stories is available for businesses only so for individual users it's a no-go, in addition, companies can only link to the product themselves which means no sales through a third-party retailer.

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