3 Successful Social Media campaigns you can learn from

And they aren’t alone Webbiquity reports that 83% of customers have reported bad experiences with social media marketing. As a business owner, it is clear that using social media marketing to your advantage is critical, but do you know how to maximise the impact of your social media marketing campaigns? Do you know what your goals should be, and how to achieve them? Well we have done some researching and can now bring you three of the most successful campaigns that have made waves across social media platforms for that bit of inspiration that you need.


The first campaign that we will be talking about is Dacia’s Facebook campaign, as you probably know Dacia is one of Europe’s fastest growing car brands and are best known for their functional cars that offer amazing price to value ratios, the customer market grew by 60,000 cars over the last 3 years. However, this wasn’t always so as at first they were struggling to make waves in the market, so they came up with a solution and that solution was social media. They set themselves a goal to be able to generate leads and create brand awareness.

They then achieved this through using Facebook’s boosted posts, as they placed ads related to their Sandero, Logan and Stepway models. They focused on both desktop and mobile users. By incorporating data from past activity, the company ensured that a wide variety of ad testing was done, essentially optimising the advertisements impact based on where their customers were in the buying cycle.

This then resulted in a 45% reduction in the costs per lead, compared to standard display ads, a 27 point increase in ad recall, a 6 point uplift in brand favourability and a 6 point uplift in purchase intent.

Red Bull

Onto the next campaign we will talk about for today, and that is Red Bull’s Instagram campaign, everyone knows who Red Bull are as consumers have well and truly been “given wings” for well over 28 years by Red Bull, and they ranked #76 on the Forbes Most Powerful Brand List in 2015. Their original energy drink can be found in over 170 countries, so it comes as no surprise that the company has sold over 60 billion cans of their drink. Since their beginning back in 1987, the brand has since released 4 new flavours of energy drink to cater to individual tastes and performance.

The goal of this campaign was to drive awareness of the extension of the brand. The goal of their Instagram campaign was based around boosting awareness and sales of their all new tropical flavoured “Summer Edition” energy drink for the Australian market.

So, what did Red Bull do to solve this? With a firm focus on simplicity and brand building, Red Bull paved the way for their actual campaign with a promotional teaser just before the summer hit. To get audiences focused on the new look of the cans, they incorporated yellow filters across a range of images and videos portraying typical summer days. The brand was twice as likely to be associated with the #thissummer hashtag trend as any of its nearest competitors.

This resulted in a 10 point lift in top of mind awareness , a 9 point lift in favourability, a 7 point drop in the unconvinced market and 1.2 million customers being reached by this campaign.


Now on to the last one for today, we will revisit this topic again in the future without a doubt, and the last business we will be talking about is Glu and their Instagram campaign. Glu Mobile is a well-known smart device game publisher that has been around since 2001. Their games are focused on the original IP games like Gun Bros, Deer Hunter and Zombie Defence, to name but a few. Their “Freemium” games can be played on iOS, Android, Windows and MAC operating systems.

The goal of their campaign was to increase app installations for their game Diner Dash 2016, and their marketing marvels knew they also had to target a wider audience segment. The Instagram campaign was also run as part of a testing out the waters to see whether or not the platform was a viable option for acquiring new users.

Glu Mobile then decided to team up with ReFUEL4 to effectively gain followers from Instagram’s collection of foodies. They created smart photo  ads displaying a real chef and added some Diner Dash food items from the game to the ad image. The brilliant CTA to “Install Now” resulted in a boom of app installations for the company. Glu also made use of Facebook’s Power Editor and Ads Manager while developing their campaign, incorporating targeting tools to reach an audience of women aged 18 – 45.

The results that they gained from this campaign were a 39% increase since their preceding Instagram campaign, as well as 800,000 impressions throughout the campaign.

So, that was 3 brands that had huge success in the social media world, we hope this has inspired you to properly utilise social media correctly, through using all platforms.

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