Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas

Decorate Your Store and Social Media Profiles

We all remember the thrill of seeing storefronts all decked out for Halloween. It’s a spooky and fun atmosphere to experience, no matter what product you are buying. People love it and a well decorated store can be just enough of a nudge to keep customers in your store for longer to make a sale.

You can even spruce up your social media profiles in a similar way. Add a splash of Halloween by changing the colour scheme of your cover photos or adding some spider webs and pumpkins. If you have a developer at hand, add the same graphics to your website or app for extra impact, just remember to take it all off when the season ends.

Get Creative With “Spooktastic” Images

Visual content like images, GIFs and videos grab the attention of social media audiences much better than plain text and link previews. Special occasions like Halloween allow businesses of all sectors and sizes to loosen up a little bit and have some fun. So, it is obvious we should take advantage of this opportunity, right? Creating visual content is not too difficult when you have the right tools and some time to spend. Get inspired and get right down to it.

There are several ways to approaching this on social media, here are some fun and easy ideas for your Halloween themed content:

  • Go wild with Halloween puns on Twitter
  • Pick a colour or theme and run with it
  • Create spooky images and post one every day
  • Add fun illustrations to existing shots of your products
  • Take pictures of your team in costumes

Offer a Great Halloween Seasonal Discount

It is Halloween and your customers may expect special offers. These can be all out sale, a small discount on the next order or a holiday themed freebie with every purchase over a certain amount. As with any holiday campaign, you can attract more engagement for your offers by using social media. Try doing a Halloween themed giveaway on Facebook or polls on Twitter. Ask questions about autumn or the holiday and reward all participants with content along the way. Once you establish the winners, make sure that you send them their unique promotional codes and gifts.

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