Providing immaculate content that is bursting with life is the perfect technique to engage with the audience and build a strong connection with your customers. Furthermore, your brand’s short-term and long-term goals can be tracked by built-in analytics which allows you to improve over time.

 The first trend of the upcoming year will be video, we all know by now that video is popular and crucial to brands and in the new year, the video will only grow more valuable for generating engagement and building a strong digital marketing presence.

In addition, in the new year, your brand will improve your following. Our experience here at Institution Marketing has learnt us one thing that videos will only grow more valuable for generating engagement in terms of receiving more comments, likes and shares. Facebook’s reporting features allow you to access the report data of how your video content is performing compared to your other Facebook posts. Instagram stories and Snapchat allows brands the chance to create video content and share it immediately.

Having the ability to create video content that is distributed instantly is a fantastic opportunity to tie in with the different forms of content such as blogs, tweets, YouTube preview etc. The outside plugin for all your brands content will be critical in the year of 2018.

Never forget how powerful video marketing is towards your business and how it builds a bridge between you and your target audience.

Secondly Chatbots will be a big trend for the upcoming year as chatbots give you the chance to interact quickly with your audience in a personal, bespoke style that allows your brand to customise content directly to user, for example, an email marketing newsletter to a customer that favours one product over another product which another customer may prefer. There are Chatbots in Facebook Messenger when you find a company page. Now if you have not embraced chatbots just yet 2018 might be just the year to jump on board!

Platform feature overlap is a crucial feature that your business needs to understand.

Now Snapchat and Instagram both have visual content but more importantly both have video content that is timed. The differences between the two social media platforms are the type of audience and the reach. Snapchat is targeted more to the younger generations and dominates this demographic. However, the reach for Snapchat is only going to go as far as your friend's list. Instagram allows you to target a wide range of audience demographics with your Instagram stories appearing on the explore page on the platform which has a reach of worldwide depending on the topic within the content. Almost all your followers will get a notification alerting them of an update on your Instagram stories.

As more platforms continue to offer overlapping features, brands and marketers will have to be increasingly selective about which ones they invest in. Take advantage of analytics and reporting features to identify which platforms could offer you the best return, and start there. Social media presents so many opportunities for marketers to connect with audiences, create and distribute better content, and build their brands (and their following). To take advantage of all that opportunity, you've got to understand that these shifts happen frequently, so staying ahead of the trends is imperative. We're only four months away from 2018, so what are you planning for?

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