What Social Media Platform Will Replace Facebook?


A Facebook product? Yes, definitely Instagram has become the perfect social media platform for people to showcase their imagery. As well as talk to people and showcase what they are doing day to day through the power of Instagram Stories. It is also growing rapidly in terms of daily active users with 400 million daily active users being the latest recorded amount.

Whilst this is not quite as much as Facebook yet, Instagram is still rapidly growing. Meanwhile, Facebook is slowly decreasing in terms of the amount of daily active users on the site. So, in the next few years we can expect to see Instagram continually grow. And possibly becoming the latest king of social media.


Snapchat, whilst it isn’t nearly as big as Facebook at the moment, it does strike a chord with a lot of younger users, it also has a massive focus on the here and now with the snaps stopping after 24 hours, or instantly after opening a snap.

The only thing that Snapchat needs to avoid is to make sure that they do not do any unnecessary updates where they completely change the layout of the app, as this saw a drop off in terms of daily active users, so while they are finally going back in the right direction. We could see them eventually hit the same amount of daily active users as Facebook, we will see.


One of the most popular social networks on the web today. Pinterest has received widespread acclaim for its fresh take on the standard photo sharing social network.

“Pinterest is a good example of an alternative social network that focuses on a simple feature – photo sharing – which has a complete social network built around it,” said Christopher Gentile, CEO of the new social network Family iBoard. This more focused approach to social networking helps create a simpler and more intuitive user experience.


Now for a random prediction, an outsider if you like. Path is a simple photo and message sharing social network that limits users to a maximum of 150 connections. These restrictions are designed to provide a more private and personal experience. By encouraging users to connect only with the people they know best.

In this more intimate setting, users may be encouraged to share photos more often.

Will Facebook be Replaced as Social Media King?

The answer remains to be seen, but with Facebook slowing up drastically. Will we see a new social media king in the coming years? Let us know.

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