How Social Media Marketing Benefits Your SEO

Post very frequently or Post very high quality

We are going to utilise YouTube content creators for this part of the blog. A great example of someone who posts both a high quantity of videos, as well as high quality videos on YouTube is PewDiePie, and it shows with his current 68 million subscribers following. But how on earth did he get there? The answer, through posting a video of himself almost every single day for years. His posts were not of the highest quality, at least not at first, but with personality alone he sold his channel.

However, not everyone has the time to frequently post out, in that situation you can opt for posting very high-quality posts infrequently. A great example of this is the YouTuber Lemmino. The channel owner, David Wangstedt usually takes over a month to produce a video, but they are by far and away some of the highest quality videos you can watch on YouTube at this moment in time.

Social Media Marketing Still Relies on Keywords

The first SEO technique you need to transfer over from your on-page website SEO is your use of keywords. Social media maketing search engines will promote posts based on how quickly they become popular, but even the search engines need help to find your posts. Pick the most suitable keywords you can find and add them in. add them to your page, product description, articles, Google needs to know what to look for. if you’re lacking inspiration you might want to try our content marketing services.

There is no limit to how many keywords you add, but try to imagine the types of words people may type into the search engines in order to find your posts.

Images Still Act as One of your Strongest SEO Techniques

Social media marketing posts without images are destined t be less successful than posts with images. The fact is that images draw people’s attention. Just be careful to ensure that your image directly relates to the text on your social media post, especially if you are looking for people to visit your website and convert. Some people may click your link based on the image without ever looking at the text you added to your social media post. Be aware of this if you’re trying to draw people into your website to sell to them. You don’t want to set up expectations that are inconsistent with your landing page. This will dramatically increase your page bounce rates.

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