3 Social Media Automation Tools to Increase Efficiency

So, with that here are three social media automation tools to improve efficiency.

  1.  DrumUp – DrumUp is a social media management and content curation tool for businesses of any size. Using the tool, you are able to curate posts and then auto schedule them. You can also save posts to customisable content libraries and schedule them at a later date.If your brand has a lot of evergreen content, you can store them in libraries and set them up on auto posting schedules to maximise traffic.
  2.  IFTTT – IFTTT is a multi faceted automation platform which enables you to create “recipes” between automation tools to build more complex automation tasks. For example, there are recipes that will automate posting updates about your latest Wordpress blog posts to social platforms – each recipe involves a trigger and a response, which can be between various apps of your choosing.This is not always the ideal posting strategy, as youi want to ensure you’re making the best use of the tools on each platform, but it is worth considering how IFTTT can be used to maximise your efforts – there’s a heap of recipes on offer. IFTTT also has integrations which include email, notepads, calendars, and so much more.
  3.  Survey Anyplace – Survey Anyplace is a survey market tool which you can use to collect information from your target audience. The tool enables you too add brand signage to your surveys, adding a more individualized element.When you sign up on Survey Anyplace, the tool automatically pulls your logo from the email address you provide. You can work with different templates which can be text based, image based, or can even simply be an emoji form to gauge audience emotion and reactions.

So, that was my blog on which social media automation tools are the best fr your business, if you want to know more about social media, click here.

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