Mistakes in Graphic Design: Football

First off we have the rebrand of the Premier League logo. Now, please remember that in football the badges and logos are a massive part of the sport, they are the symbols that fans around the world love, hate, worship. The old Logo as you will see below, has a lion, standing with pride and a football at its paw, this is a great design idea as the lion represents so many levels of the game. The Lion represents English football, pride, strength, honour and many other great things so you strip that off and leave nothing but an updated lion head...you can imagine the fans weren't too pleased. Social media, being the very positive place that it is, absolutely slaughtered the new design, it had a lack of purpose, lost all historical recognition and quickly became...yep, a meme. Mufasa's head was edited to the new logo and I personally prefer it that way.

The Logo started to gain more and more variants with yet more Mufasa and Simba memes amongst other lion related content. Other Logos were submitted to the contest for the new Premier league logo but sadly were not chosen despite being a vast improvement.

football graphics design failures

The Next incredible mistake by the football logo experts of the world is the Leeds United badge. Right, so the fans for this club for reasons I'm still unsure of (jokes.) are very passionate and loyal so to make the very symbol of the club look like a complete mess didn't sit well in the fans' eyes. The original logo had meaning and was strongly associated with the area of Leeds with it baring the white Yorkshire rose. The replacement For such a relevant looking logo was a headless guy with his arm and fist over his heart, now you may think this sounds fine but then if you open a new tab and type in gaviscon on images, you can then see why the memes flew in shortly after. It seems to be a theme in the football world to take all heritage and meaning away from a logo and then use something that Paddy Power and Ladbible can quite easily rip to shreds with good quality content. I believe the original logo got voted back into action after the new one was shown to the fans. Both Logos are shown below.

football fails graphics



So what you can take away from this week's blog is that Football associations and clubs shouldn't even consider a rebrand because it will just be meme material within the first few hours of release. Thanks for reading this weeks 'Mistakes in graphic design' blog.


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