Maximize your video content on Instagram

Square videos perform much better than landscape in a feed

This trick applies to all social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. So much of social media is mobile that square videos are much more visually appealing than landscape format (vertical format, in Stories, is also rising in popularity)

Use eye catching graphics or animations

You have only got a minute at maximum to get your message across – or even less if your audience scrolls past your video. To stand out in Instagram, use highly produced, graphic, or animated videos which explain your product quickly using bold and engaging imagery.

Capture candid moments with Instagram Stories and Live features

Instagram Stories now has more than 400 million daily active users. Use the Stories feature to show a day to day life at your company, or g live to interact with user’s inn real time, after all your audience receives a notification whenever you go live on Instagram.

So, that was the second part of this three-part blog on why you should be maximising your video content across all social platforms, because at the end of the day video content will continue to take over social media carrying on into 2019, and onwards. Join us next time when we talk about what you should be doing on LinkedIn for your video marketing content.

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