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Over the last year, Facebook has been pushing its new YouTube competitor, Watch, which enables users to flick through videos that are created by publishers, Pages and their friends. They have also been working to popularise Stories, another video focused element. Between native videos, Stories, and Live, it can be hard to choose which platform packs the biggest punch. Here are a few best practices for Facebook video marketing which might help point you in the right direction.

Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

According to research, natively uploaded videos on Facebook see more than eight times more comments than videos posted through YouTube or Vimeo. Overall, native video also receives 168% more interaction than videos which come from third party sources.

Add Captions

People check Facebook at almost all times of day, even at work and in public. More than 85% of users keep videos on silent for just that reason. If you want to get your message across, make sure you optimise your videos for soundless viewing by adding captions. You can also use charts, subtitles, or animations to communicate silent with your audience.

Go Live

A massive 82% of users prefer to watch live streams over reading a basic social post, so it might be worth broadcasting an event in order to help bring more attention to your Facebook page.

So, that was our blog on why you need to make sure you are utilising Facebook video a lot more as a business, look forward to our next part of this blog on Instagram video.

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