Live Videos: 5 Tips you need to know

It can be very intimidating to do a live broadcast, but with live video content comes more engagement and reach since your story gets boosted to the front of the queue. It's definitely worth considering, so here are some tips that will make it quite a bit easier for you when sharing your own live posts.

  1. Add value

The biggest factor to the success of your live videos is adding value for your audience. Take a second to think about what your intention for the video is and how it could benefit your audience as this will help better focus your efforts. Maybe a Q&A style video could work well, or a video informing them on an upcoming event your business is hosting.


  1. Plan ahead

Since the video is live, you can’t plan everything down to the T as things are bound to go wrong. However, writing an outline or bullet points of what catergories you will be covering can be helpful. Have a plan of what you could share, talk about or demonstrate in your video, you could include your cues for specific actions. With a rough action plan, you will feel more comfortable and it will allow you to concentrate more on how you come across on camera instead of what you say.


  1. Go live with a friend

If you are nervous about doing a live video perhaps filming with someone else (a friend or colleague) can be helpful and reassuring. Doing this for your first few broadcasts will help you gain the confidence needed to do it alone, maybe you could start out with an interview video.


  1. Test your connection

The worst part of watching a live video is connectivity issues, be sure your audience doesn’t click off due to a bad Wi-Fi signal. Test how everything might work ahead of time by doing a random live video session, this will ensure a good connection for your real session.


  1. Be flexible

As mentioned previously, live videos won’t always run smoothly. So don’t get disheartened by mistakes or technical difficulties, just carry on as normal. Remember that this is part of the appeal of going live, rolling with the punches and engaging your audience in a real situation.

No matter what social media platforms you’ve gone live on, it will always be a nerve-wracking experience. Practice makes perfect, take the time to prepare will help and test yourself being filmed beforehand.

With these helpful tricks now embedded into your brain, will you be considering live videos as a form of marketing for your brand?


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