Instagram’s Scannable Nametags


If you don’t already know what Instagram's scannable nametags are, they basically enable you to scan another user’s code that then brings up a preview of their profile and a quick follow link.


You are allowed to personalise your nametag, do this by touching anywhere on the screen or by tapping the button at the top. There are 3 designs to choose from: a coloured theme, emoji theme and selfies (with sticker option available for this). There are several ways for you to scan someone’s nametag, including hovering over the nametag and holding down on your screen or by entering the nametag camera through tapping “Scan a nametag”.

By pressing the symbol in the top right corner of the nametag screen, you can share your nametag through text messages and over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.


Nametags and other scannable codes are also becoming a familiar resource on almost every social media platform, such as Snapcodes on Snapchat or Messenger Codes on Facebook Messenger. Despite QR codes having seemingly low usage, social channels are still keen to push forward this option to its users. But why?


Well QR codes are very big in eastern countries like China and Japan, according to The Economist. And in 2016, QR code-enabled transactions in these countries totaled to more than $1.65 trillion. Even though western markets aren’t interested yet, social media platforms see an opportunity for those trends to translate across over time thus making it a more significant consideration for the future. It will be interesting to see how well Instagram's scannable nametags actually do.


Nametag codes are now being made available globally on both iOS and Android devices, before this only a few people had access to nametags in the app. And now that this feature is open to all users, they could be a beneficial tool for your business or a marketing campaign. For example, maybe you could put up a poster in your local café or shop, making it easier for users to connect with you and your company. Promoting your service, while also providing a simple method to contact you, will more likely appeal to your target audience.


As well as introducing nametags, Instagram has also begun testing School Communities but only in the US. This profile option will let you show off your school spirit and help you connect with other students and recent grads from your university.


Almost acting like a directory, this feature enables you to add a new line to your Instagram profile which lists your university/ class year/ any relevant groups you're a part of. Another important thing to note, it can only be accessed via invite to avoid outsiders tapping into school networks.


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