10 Skills to Succeed with Social Selling on LinkedIn

To boost your LinkedIn efforts, you can tap into the skills you’ve developed through your life. Common sense, and common courtesy, will go a long way towards improving your results.

So, here are 10 skills you will be able to utilise in order to gain success on LinkedIn:

1. Don't forget your manners – Never underestimate the power of proper etiquette – aka common sense and good manners. Show gratitude when people engage with you and your posts.

2. Adjust to new situations – Speaking to new people can feel risky or uncomfortable – but communication is the key to relationship building on LinkedIn.

3. Attempt new things knowing its okay to make mistakes – Don’t be one of those people whose LinkedIn profile sits inactive for years because you’re afraid of making a mistake.

4. Ask for help – If there is someone you would like to meet, ask someone in your network if they are comfortable to make an introduction.

5. Respect others – Before you post something, consider if it is something that you would way to say right in front of a potential client. If you do get into a debate on a more sensitive topic, be professional, be polite and most importantly be respectful.

6. Cooperate – Collaboration is a powerful community and business building strategy. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to find and build a relationship with people that you can benefit from collaborating with.

7. Offer to help – Nothing makes a stronger and more genuine impression on somebody than when you give selflessly, generously and without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

8. Ask questions and express curiosity – Be curious. Be interested. Asking questions or commenting on the posts and comments of your connections is vital to starting a conversation. This is where real relationship building begins.

9. Share ideas – Sharing content is a fantastic way to establish your authority and expand your reach on LinkedIn.

10. Tell Stories – Engaging storytelling makes people far more interested and emotionally invested in what you are sharing.

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