How Effective Is Interactive Content On Social Media?

Also, don't forget in a powerful age of algorithms which ranks content in terms of engagement and the reach statistics. Interactive content becomes more valuable than ever before so in this blog I break down the main effective types of interactive content.


One type of interactive content you can post out to your social following is a quiz.  Now people love having a solid attempt at quizzes which has the thrill of finding out the results of your answers at the end. Now you can make quizzes to educate people about your products, services and your industry! This is where you can also create a bespoke product for the user based on the options they have chosen in the quiz. This means the quiz would identify the style of the user based on the choices.


Now a Q&A style post can be distributed in multiple ways such as the questions are asked in the comment section of your social media posts or you can host a live video! A live video is the best way to engage in a conversation with your audience because you are holding a real conversation with someone.


Several social media platforms now provide easy ways for users to create simple polls to query their audience.

These are one of the simplest ways to build your own interactive content - audiences love sharing their opinions, whether it be about something silly or a serious topic, while most are also interested in seeing the results of the other people who participate in the same. This creates a domino effect for the users as they will engage in conversation with other followers of the page which makes the topic in question a much deeper, insightful and articulate conversation.



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