Facebook Stories: The Latest Features


Well, you can’t say they aren’t trying. Facebook is planning to unveil some new features and interesting functions in the next coming weeks. In terms of marketing tactics, how could the new Facebook Story features help your business or company? There are 3 new components coming out, and we’re doing the digging to find out the benefits of them so you don’t have to.


  1. New stickers

We can expect to see new gif stickers, a new rating sticker, new “send selfie” sticker and a new “message me” sticker. Now, this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, surely a few new stickers aren’t enough to inspire people to use Stories? However, people do love to use stickers and giving them a few more options may increase their interest when using Stories. There are also other social media apps such as Instagram with great sticker features that can be used as a marketing tool for businesses. For example, the questions sticker can be used to gather audience input and increase story engagement. Hopefully Facebook will catch on to this and have something similar coming soon on their stories, but for now the new options don’t seem to give any advantages for businesses.

  1. Pet Talent Show

This one seems a little odd but hear us out. People love animals, especially their own pets, and in this digital age people love to post about them. And so this feature allows Stories users to audition their dog into an online kind of competition. We think tapping into this idea of sharing puppy videos is great, but will it work the way Facebook wants it to? For personal use this is a fun and new concept, allowing friends to watch each other’s stories. For businesses and agencies it probably will do nothing for them, so we suggest to ditch this feature and move on to other marketing tools Facebook has to offer.


  1. Stories Map

The Nearby Friends tool has been evolved into something greater, this aspect will now allow users to see a broad view of where their connections are on a map, similar to the Snapchat version. The gist of it, people are able to locate their friends and then see what they have been posting to their story. A simple concept for personal users, but could perhaps be a very useful tool for businesses who are hosting events. Potentially, a company could promote their event on Stories and have their location live, people could then see where they are and what they’re up to through video and photo content.


There are many opportunities for businesses to use Facebook Stories in a practical way; to promote and advertise their services. It will just take time and effort to figure out how to use these new features in a strategic way. We hope this article has offered some initial insight into how stories could affect your online marketing plan.


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