It’s business as usual unless you have been using engagement baiting as a tactic to push traffic to your content.

What is engagement baiting?

Engagement baiting is taking advantage of Facebook’s news algorithm by boosting engagement to get a higher reach on spam-like posts such as ‘Like this to get the recipe’ or ‘Tag a friend and-’

Have you been using engagement baiting in your content and promotions? It seems on the surface to be an excellent way to promote a product or service and have a chance at going viral. Well, that is all due to end. Facebook has confirmed that pages and posts that use engagement baiting or click baiting will see a decline in reach until they fall in line with Facebook’s user policy.

Facebooks algorithm update has been supported by its team which have reviewed and categorised hundreds of thousands of posts to inform a machine learning model. This model then searches through posts and will detect different types of engagement bait before punishing those pages and posts which are infracting the policy.

How can you avoid Engagement baiting?

As with all your social media you should, build authentic, valuable content that is engaging. Focus on what you do best, accurate posts that do not make use of clickbait, low-quality web-pages, spam or misleading content and deceptive practices. Genuinely speaking, follow best practice and you will dodge the baiting bullet.

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