Using Hashtags for Efficient Marketing

We think so. And if you’re looking for ways to improve your social media marketing we suggest, an often overlooked feature, a hashtag.


How do hashtags work?

Technically, a hashtag stores metadata that categorises content and makes it easier to find other posts with a similar subject, they are most frequently used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and less commonly on Facebook. Simply add the ‘#’ symbol before any word in your post or tweet, people will then be able to click on the word and see all the posts using the same hashtag.

With more people starting to use hashtags as a form of searching for information, brands should really be taking advantage of it.

Here are three types of hashtags that you and your business can profit from:

Common hashtags - Drive longterm traffic

Brand hashtags - Increase your brand awareness

Campaign hashtags - Encourage backlinks



Common hashtags

This kind of hashtag is where you mainly highlight keywords, categorising the content to make it more discoverable. Usually these common tags aren’t used to define your brand and marketing, instead they add relevancy to your content so that people will find when searching for topics they’re interested in. This type of hashtag will bring traffic to your website, traffic to your social media account can benefit any webpage associated with it.


Brand hashtags

This type of hashtag is utilised mostly for marketing purposes, hash-tagging your company’s name will create a brand tag that is unique to you. Make it so your customers can use it anytime on any social platform and it should contribute to the promotion of your brand. You could also use your business slogan as a hashtag to make it even more efficient, be sure that it is short and easy to remember.


Campaign hashtags

This sort of hashtag can be used when launching a new campaign, you could create a hashtag using the campaign name. To engage your audience, you may want to ask them to think of a hashtag that could be used for the current campaign, then announce a small prize for a winner. Holding a contest for the campaign could also encourage the use of the hashtag, the participant could publish a post and use your brand or campaign hashtag to promote you.



Hashtag Tips

Before you go. Although they can be very useful and provide aid in improving your social media marketing strategy, be reminded of the three things you need to know before using hashtags:

  1. It’s easy to overdo it so only use a few of them that are related to your content.
  2. Choose a less frequent but popular hashtag, the more articles using a common hashtag, the less your post will be visible.
  3. Brand and campaign hashtags can help you engage people and get feedback.


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