Create A Persona In Your Digital Marketing

So just how do you go about creating an effective & accurate audience persona for your business?



The important questions need answering when you are conducting research you need to know who your customers are and why they need your company. This is where you can talk about the solution you provide and how you can create content to target this. Another question that needs answering is what behaviours, assumptions and expectations of your brand they have? Do they expect one specific type of content on your social media platforms?

If you pull data from Facebook Audience Insights you can build a strong foundation of demographics, location and the buying behaviour! Talk to your audience directly by conducting online surveys, focus groups and analyse user profiles.

Following on from customer research you will need to do research on your industry which is relevant to your brand and customers.



Organise your research into different persona groups that represent your target audience and then start planning social media campaigns and various digital marketing techniques to target each and every one of the persona groups. Ensure all character possibilities are considered.



combine and prioritize the personas in order which means you can target your content on key customer characteristics. Have video content prepared, have website templates ready, have social media content ready to be unleashed among the digital world which will catapult your brand into a dominating presence!


Realistic & Review

The content-packed campaign will need to realistic but that doesn't mean you can not have any fun with it. Now when you have launched the campaigns keep track of them by having them attached and analysed by a CRM tool. Once you have had the campaigns running for a while review them. Review the conversion rates and the engagement rates and see if you can identify what your character needs based on the feedback. Furthermore, take into consideration how long it takes a persona to convert. End of the day you are branching out to appeal more closely to your audience so this character needs to be interesting and offer a great opportunity to show off your products and services.


So overall you need to go into these digital marketing campaigns with a strong outlook on customers buying behaviour and WHY they buy. This is how you can be successful.


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