How to Create a Social Media Site: Part 1

Define your Social Network Target Audience – Know Your Community

Paying attention to this phase and focusing all of your work and energy at the start will pay off in the end. First, you must define the core and then develop a social network website based on these parameters and values. Ask yourself what is social networking service anyway? Defining your target audience by using as many filters as you can, will help you establish your social media network on a solid ground later. As we said this phase is crucial and by doing it right you will lower the risk level of failure significantly. How to effectively define your target audience? You can choose between too approaches.

Online Research

The internet is a very good place for information. You can find, collect and analyse, demographics, psychographics and behavioural habits of large masses of people. There are a lot of available resources out there that give away the right data. you just need to dig deeper. Google must be your starting point which will lead you whenever you need to go to grab that valuable piece of information. Online research can be time consuming but its reliable and simple.

Test and Learn

With this approach, you need a demo version prepared of your social media that you can test on real people and then prepare assumptions based on their behaviour. This approach requires, arranging test people, preparing various interview questions and providing testing equipment. The downside is that it has costs attached to it, the good thing is that you will have 100% reliable source.

How to create a social network when you have limited resources and what approach you should use? It really depends on the development process and what data you need. Choose wisely.

Develop Growth Strategy Based on Your Users

How to build a social network in a market full of competitors? To build it from scratch you need to first prepare your growth strategy. Your target audience is defined, you have all of the important data but now you need to make them aware of your service. Sounds really simple but this part is tricky too. Fortune is analysing interesting concepts in the article about the real way to build a social network that can be valuable when implemented in reality.

The need to define consistent growth strategy aligned with your target audience comes from the fact that the destiny of your social network commercial success depends on it.

Begin Small

Slowly expand your base. Remember Facebook started local and small. They used the information available in their high school yearbook. They then expanded after the network became hugely popular. Entrepreneurs know how to take a calculated risk. Mark is an amazing entrepreneur and business conscious person. You should be one too. You can start your social network even with help of white labelled instruments.

Go Big

Focus your efforts on large demographic and your marketing on a larger bases at the very start. Twitter used this strategy and became hugely successful. Unless you have a unique solution or idea you should always begin small. It’s a less risky success strategy. The Go Big approach will expose your social network to other competitors as well, so growth will be tougher.

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