Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Overselling your Brand

One huge error that businesses make is believing that Twitter is all about selling to the customer, wrong! Though it may seem a bit counterintuitive, the most successful social media marketing programs focus more on sharing third party articles and building relationships within a community, as opposed to sharing your brand’s message and driving traffic to your website. A great rule of thump is to stick to 80 percent third party content and community engagement, and 20 percent brand related posts.

Ignoring Feedback is a Bad Call

The biggest mistake many businesses make is to ignore their audience feedback, your audience exist and have the biggest say in how your business does, so treating them as people rather than just sales is a great rule of thumb. And that rule starts with responding positively to feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

Ignorance Towards Trending Topics

One huge mistake that so many businesses make is to ignore trending topics. Before tweeting about the Oscars or sending out condolences after a tragedy, we recommend that you do a bit of research into the situation and asking yourself, will this provide value to our audience? If the answer to this is a no, sit it out.

Abusing & Forgetting Hashtags

Many small businesses don’t seem to use hashtags, that’s a massive mistake. The use of hashtags should be hugely important to smaller businesses who have a limited following. A hashtag can expand a tweet’s reach and the number of views on the message. Although overusing them on every tweet is annoying, most business tweets should have one or two hashtags. But make sure you search for relevant hashtags before tweeting.

Offending your Twitter Following

This is the big one, the worst mistake you can possibly make, so try your best not to do it. Tweets can spread like wildfire, and can snowball into an all out attack. Even though a company can quickly delete a controversial tweet, people can easily screenshot it. There have been many instances of this happening. With many businesses having to send out statements due to it.

So, that was five mistakes that far too many business make when it comes to using Twitter for marketing, we hope you have learnt a lot from this blog, and you will avoid these pitfalls in  future digital marketing efforts.

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