3 Brilliant Christmas Marketing Ideas for Social Media

Create Festive Video Content

Video, it is still by far and away the most shareable form of content. When it comes to spreading your campaigns, video should be your go too. Yes, it is time consuming. And it will take a team to put together an excellent video. This is because there are plenty of things you will need to take into consideration, the narrative of the video, how your business is showcased, and the message you want to send.

Include some humour in your video as well, make fun content or tap into emotions and making something memorable as well as informative. This type of strategy and end goal will be far more influential and inspire users to share your content. If you’re short on time and budget, consider creating short videos, bite sized, Vine like content for your social media accounts. These types of videos don’t need much editing and can be made in a short period of time.

A Collaborative Holiday Giveaway

Giveaways perform exceptionally well on social media. What is even more exciting is that if you get some business or partners involved, you will expand your audience to impressive numbers.

When we get down to the basics of it, people just love the possibility of being potential winners. Use your social media platforms to host a giveaway and make sure the focus is on your products.

You can do one big giveaway, or many small ones depending on what you can afford to give away without losing on margins. This can be something very simple like a gift certificate to your online or physical store. People tend to be on the lookout for this kind of stuff on social media at this time of the year.

12 Days till Christmas Marketing Ideas

Here is a chance to get really creative. The song 12 Days of Christmas is on every holiday season , and it is an opportunity to have some fun and celebrate on social media. Get all of your social media channels involved. Think about your product, and what you can highlight as a pattern for 12 days. Don’t just list the products for each day, consider creative content like an animated post.

See if you can inject some holiday spirit into your 12 days till Christmas, and offer some value to your customers and followers. Be informative, fun and concise.

So, there are a few different Christmas marketing ideas you can put into place before the festive season ends, I hope you liked some of these Christmas Marketing ideas and you learnt a lot from them.

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