Boost your ROI with the Help of Instagram and Snapchat

If you haven’t considered adding them into your social media marketing approach, they need to be on your radar. The below infographic includes some basic tips on how to make the most of both platforms, along with examples of brand use.

Social media is a great tool for any company to expand its business through digital advertising. Facebook used to be the obvious front-runner among the different social media platforms, but users are beginning to turn to platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat for their digital communication. Utilising Instagram and Snapchat is vital for companies hoping to remain successful in today’s competitive business environment.

Marketing Strategy (Instagram)

  • Make sure you have a business profile
  • Use Popular Hashtags
  • Plan your posts in advance
  • Partner with influencers
  • Use Instagram stories

Marketing Strategy (Snapchat)

  • Keep it casual
  • Use text in your videos
  • Create a Geofilter
  • Be careful about how frequently you post
  • Consider using specific people for your brand promotion

Marketing Advantage (Instagram)

  • The number of users is still growing
  • Instagram brings more sales
  • Instagram is less time-consuming
  • It is easy to use on mobile device

Marketing Advantage (Snapchat)

  • Snapchat allows immediate, live coverage of events
  • Snapchat gives your brand personality
  • There is less business competition on Snapchat

Marketing Examples (Instagram)

  • Adidas promoted its neo brand by encouraging Instagram followers to post pictures wearing Adidas gear, inviting the most impressive users to model in a professional photo shoot. They also got Selena Gomez to participate.
  • Chanel invited some of the world’s top fashion bloggers to France for a free retreat, encouraging them to post about the trip on their profiles.
  • Airbnb posts pictures and videos users have shared, making their posts more relatable and personalised.

Marketing Examples (Snapchat)

  • In France, Netflix created billboards that encouraged people to use Snapchat’s face-swap feature to swap with one of the characters
  • Gatorade created a Snapchat feature in honour of the super bowl that would digitally pour Gatorade on your head
  • One man trying to get a job in New York City even created a Geofilter on Snapchat that encouraged the company to hire him, earning himself a job interview.

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