3 Great Benefits of Social Listening

Social media listening is a powerful tool because it turns traditional social media on its head. Instead of using it as a megaphone, you can use it to tune-in to conversations. Social listening can be very powerful, providing real-time, actionable insights into your marketing and business approach. In this post, we’ll outline three key benefits of tuning in.

Listening Makes You Accessible – To provide good customer service, you need to be able to hear a complaint or compliment, no matter where it happens. Research by Sprout Social found that 34% of people prefer to reach out through social media, beating out other channels like live chat at 24%, email at 19% and 1-800 numbers at 16%. The problem is that almost 90% of social messages aimed at organisation are ignored. When you’re really listening, you can respond to enquiries and interactions faster, so people heard.

Listening Brings You into the Larger Conversation – You listen not only to hear what people are saying about our brand, but also to understand the ideas and topics that come up in conversations which you want to be part of.

By identifying relevant keywords on social, and following conversations related to your organisations mission, you open yourself up to new discussions, blog and social media post ideas. You listen so that you can find conversations to join, and when you join a conversation, you can build relationships and trust.

Listening teaches You the Language of the Conversation, and How People are Talking About Issues – Your organisation needs to know who your audience is, and social listening obviously helps with that. But it can also provide deeper insights into who those people are. What do they care about? How do they talk about those things?

A good example would be someone working on a social campaign for an organic body care line noticing that conversations about organic skincare often included concerns about gluten-free skincare. Neither he, nor the company he was working with, knew that gluten was a concern for many of their customers, but, as luck would have it, their products didn’t include gluten, so he was able to enter the conversation with another selling point.

Therefore, even just noticing what kinds of words people use can be helpful. People within a community often use specific vocabulary, terminology and jargon as markers of belonging. If you want to show that it, literally, speaks the same language as the people it wants to reach.

So, that was our blog on how utilising social listening can help drive more business for you, for more information on our social media services, click here.

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