3 Benefits of Social Media to Portray your Brand Values

The truth is, people are using social media to engage with brands more than ever. With over three billion people using social media around the world, if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive way to reach almost half the world’s population. Find out how when you read on now.

  1. People Buy from People They Like and Relate to – Social media gives a voice to who your brand is. Before purchasing from an unknown entity, people are scouring that company’s social media profiles to see if people are happy with it. Is the brand doing what it says it will do? Doo the products it sells actually work?To truly connect with potential customers, you need to be able to show who you are. Do you have relatable brand values? Does the work you do back those up? The more you can create 1:1 relationships with people, the more likely those people are to do business with you. Social media enables you to do just that with infinitely more people than you would be able to meet if they just walked into your storefront.
  2. Reputation Management – Like it or not, people are talking about your brand, whether you’re initiating or involved in these conversations or not. If you are “doing social right,” you’ll have an active social listening plan in place, which enables you to pick up on a track and where and when these conversations are happening. Join in on them – not only as an outsider looking in, but as an active, engaged member of each community.Are you finding that people are saying something that isn’t true about your company? Share your side politely and professionally. Just the same, if people are talking up your brand, make sure you’re finding ways to thank them, publicly and personally.
  3. Make your brand an Industry leader – As noted, people buy from people who they like and trust, and social media offers you the chance to become the go-to thought leader when people want to know about your specific industry. Ensure that you are publishing content for your audience – and not just your latest sales or whatever other offers you want to write about. Social is about being “social”, which includes being helpful, engaging - a part of the broader community.

So, that was three ways that you are able to utilise social media to promote brand values, I hope this was an informative blog, and you learnt a lot from it.

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