AI: The Future of Social Media

And we will start this one off with the most obvious and that is, of course, Artificial Intelligence. Now, artificial intelligence has been speculated about for years and years. But it is now here, so let’s talk about how it is going to affect social media.  As futurist Kevin Kelly described, innovation in the future will be driven by applying a layer of AI to our everyday tasks. We need to begin considering that form of innovation on our jobs and in our companies.

For this reason, AI is not going to arrive with a thud, or explode onto the scene, like VR or AR has done, rather it will sneak into our lives on cat’s paws in millions of small ways. Everyday tasks will become faster, more accurate, more integrated and most importantly, more personal. Artificial Intelligence will usher in the age of assistance, where everything we do will be assisted with technology, and not done all by ourselves, where we can utilise technology to tell us when a task is due for the business, or if you need to call a meeting with either a certain member of staff, or a client. Companies will then differentiate themselves by how cleverly they apply layers of artificial intelligence to make their customer experiences more exciting as well as far more entertaining.

So, that was part 1 of this, however many parts, it depends on how many different future technologies I can think of covering based around social media marketing. But, moving on, that was the first part of this blog, I hope it was informative and you learnt a lot about what could become a huge part of social media marketing in the very near future.

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