Applications to Improve your Instagram Experience

Are you getting the most out of this media-based social platform? I have listed a few applications below that could really help to boost your experience when it comes to using Instagram on a day to day basis!

Prime for Instagram (Free – iOS)  

When it comes to gaining a larger engagement and further reach, timing is everything. The Prime application offers the user suggested optimal times for them to post out on Instagram.

The application uses a powerful algorithm to help it process thousands of different data points which help it to determine when your followers are online, their relation to you and even their activity to help you when it comes to posting your content.

Boomerang (Free –iOS, Android)  

This application allows its users to create a miniature video as the software takes 10 photos and compiles them together that loops back and forth, creating different and engaging content for the viewing pleasure of your audience.

Once you have created your short video, you can share it to Instagram via the Boomerang app, or you can save it and upload it yourself.

Hyperlapse (Free – iOS, Android)

Like Boomerang mentioned above, Hyperlapse allows its users to create unique pieces of content via the use of video. Hyperlapse lets you create short time-lapse videos which can then be shared on Instagram to help to engage your audience with a refreshing difference!

You could use this app to give your audience an interesting view behind the scenes of the creation of some of your products or even what goes on within the services you provide! Experiment and see what works for you and gets you noticed the best!


Ever think that posting out on Instagram is a pain and time-consuming? Then OnlyPult might be the solution you've been looking for. This platform allows you to schedule out your Instagram posts in a similar fashion to Buffer and Hootsuite. Simply create the content and schedule a time and date which you would like the application to post the content for you. A hassle-free way of gathering together your Instagram content.


Instagram is a must have for all businesses looking to show off their products/services to their target audience! The more help the better when it comes to making your content more engaging for said audience.

The applications listed above are only the start when it comes to making the most out of Instagram, there are many more applications and software out there that can help to increase your reach and engagement even further!


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