Advantages of Instagram

You want to be able to use social media to your advantage and let Instagram be no exception. We have created a few advantages to using Instagram for your business.


Instagram is a platform for posting photos and videos. This visual aspect helps you build an interactive following by injecting brand personality into your content. This allows your followers to understand your business from a creative outlet as they can see visually what your business offers.


Hashtags are more powerful than you think. They enable users to discover new content and so are a means of increasing the visibility of your business. Hashtags have the means of going viral or catching the attention of people all over the world. By using hashtags you are immediately inviting more traffic onto your page, and therefore driving the engagement of your posts up. While Twitter also uses hashtags, the character count on Twitter limits the hashtags you can include.

Instagram Stories

With Instagram introducing the feature of stories, it has helped to increase the amount of time users spend on this platform. As more users increase the time spent on Instagram, this increases the ability for businesses to target users. Creating an Instagram story helps you build a following that will stay connected to your business. They will be able to understand your business even more than a photo post would be able to.


While the advantages to using Instagram are endless, we hope we have given you a taster as to why you should use this social media platform for your business.


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