8 Do’s & Don’ts for Emoji Marketing

According to analysis conducted by the University of Minnesota, there can be major discrepancies in the way people interpret an emoji, with their meanings varying by social group, region and other factors. Are you thinking of adding emojis into your digital marketing mix? Well, here are a few do’s and don’ts for you to keep in mind.

Emoji Marketing Do’s

Know your audience

Would your customers be receptive of emojis or even understand them? If they are made up of teens and millennials, the answer is a certain yes. Not so much if its boomers and seniors.

Keep emojis in context

Emojis are intended to enhance a word or sentence, so use them at the end of a sentence rather than in the middle or separately, unto themselves.

Inject some personality

The biggest problem about all electronic communication is that its toneless. In the absence of tone, people read negative tone into it. Emojis are designed to convey emotion and can help make that tone clearer.

Use words

If you feel that you would be unable to communicate your meaning clearly with emojis use good, old fashioned words instead.

Emoji Marketing Don’ts

Go overboard

Don’t use emojis too often. Too much of a good thing can lead to fatigue and even alienation among your target audience.

Misinterpret the meaning of an emoji

There are thousands of emojis and emoticons available today, and it is possible to use one in a way other than what you had planned – simply because you misunderstand its meaning.

Take emojis too seriously

S=Despite the fact there are a plethora of sad faced emojis online, its  best not to take their use too seriously. Have some fun and use them in a light-hearted way.

Follow the crows

Just because big consumer brands are using emojis doesn’t mean you need to, especially if its not a good fit for your organisation.

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