5 Social Media Tips to Help your Brand


And just like general online marketing you should be considering the do’s and don’ts of how to showcase your company. Below are 5 tips we suggest you stick to when reviewing and posting on your social media accounts.


Tip 1: Use trending topics

There are many benefits to writing social posts, yet the ones that relate to current and trending topics often to a lot better in terms of reach and engagement. Using popular content can help you gain interest from your target audience and show them you’re brand is up to date with the latest news. The most convenient way to check trending topics is by going onto the explore section within your networks, the Twitter explore page is particularly good for new content ideas. To make sure you’re post is seen within the current trends, remember to use hashtags.


Tip 2: Check online reviews

This is one way to see how well your customers are responding to your service. You can check how your business is doing and improve the quality of client relationships by replying to their reviews. Having an active response team who is positive and polite can help your brand’s image and attract more potential clients.


Tip 3: Share branded content

With your brand and logo you can create a prominent online presence. People can recognise your posts easily, and if they re-share that content you could get seen by even more people. Watermarking your images and photos is a great way to brand what you share. Also creating a unique style for your content could make your business more memorable, for example using a colour palette similar to your website.


Tip 4: Shorten your links

If you do happen to use website links or sourced content such as YouTube videos, you should be shortening the links in your posts. Long links are known to be off-putting, and research shows shorter links are seen as more clickable. Sites such as Bitly and Google URL Shortener can do this for you, and with a click of a button your posts can become more shareable.


Tip 5: Be you

There’s nothing worse than someone acting differently to their real selves. This can easily be interpreted in social media as people can detect robotic tones and false formalities. Think about how you portray yourself and your business in real circumstances then apply it to your social posts. Try to reflect your brand in a true light, it will appeal more to your audience and make them feel more comfortable in trusting your services.


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