5 SEO Tricks To Help Your Business

Optimise Imagery

One sure way to help you speed up the loading time of your site and therefore increase your SEO would be to make sure that all your imagery is compressed and optimised for the web. Make sure that the file sizes are as small as they can be without losing too much quality.

Add Internal Links

Adding internal links from certain words on pages on your site, which link up to other relevant pages on your site, will help keep traffic up on your businesses website for longer, therefore, helping drive your SEO.

Broken Links

Make sure that you check all of your pages and social posts for any broken links. Make sure that when users interact with your posts and pages with links attached, that they work and send the user
through to the correct page. The user will then be more likely to stay for longer on your website if they find exactly what they are looking for.

Analyse and Measure

By making sure that you check everything that gets sent out with your branding on and making sure they are optimised for SEO to the best of your ability, you can be sure that you and your website will gain some sort of engagement. You can use our free website analysis tool to check the status of your site!

Be Yourself

Above all else, be yourself and put your own creative spin on your content whether that be for social posting or on your website. Make your business as original as you are! Show off to the world what you are capable of doing, and don't hold back like some other businesses may do.

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