4 Advantages of Facebook Groups

A Facebook Group is a place for people to come together and share their common interests and express their opinions. They let people communicate and discuss issues around a common cause, activity or organisation. They can express objectives, post photos, and share related content and thus create an open community online.

Research is showing that Facebook groups are getting a lot more engagement than Pages, and this is because members in a Facebook Group are able to start conversations more easily.


Here are some of the biggest reasons brands should be investing in a Facebook Group:

  1. Provide extra value for customers

Having a Facebook Group can provide your customers with extra value. It’s a great place to delve into deeper questions or test new ideas, without the fear of damaging your greater audience outside of the Group. Another benefit to Groups is that it facilitates a better way for your audience to connect with you, creating better customer relations.


  1. Create a sense of community

Building better relationships is the ideal for any company, and within this social media landscape we are now capable of creating this community. Where you might lack the technology for your website, Facebook Groups handles it; this makes it easier for you, the company, and your audience. Facebook Groups is also a perk for in house communication, you could make groups for specific teams allowing all your employees to be kept in the loop.


  1. Create a sense of exclusiveness

Private Facebook Groups are the best way to make your customers feel special, like they’re VIP. You can have both private and secret groups where the group admin can approve which members get added, allowing only certain people into the Group can help build a sense of exclusivity. Another point to make, the content posted into private groups are only available to those in the Group, this is good for event attendees and course subscribers who might’ve paid for information and access to the group.


  1. “Beat” the algorithm

The new algorithm for Facebook News Feed means your posts aren’t always seen by the people you want to reach. Having a Facebook Group can help get your posts seen by your group members, boost awareness and generate more exposure among your Facebook audience.


As a business or brand you should really start considering the benefits of creating and maintaining your own Facebook Group. Not really sure how you should be doing this? Carry on reading to know some of the basics for running a Group.


When you create your Group make sure you fill in all the sections and don’t leave out any important information, your audience may want to know some of these things later on.

Now once you start posting, don’t stop. Having an inactive group may push some people to leave, remember the key element to building interaction on any social media platform is to post consistently with content they’ll want to interact with.

But don’t just stop there. If people are interacting with your posts, respond back to them and spur further engagement.

To check all is going well, you should be looking at your analytics regularly and seeing in what ways you can improve your Group members’ experiences.


There are so many ways for you to use Facebook Groups that can help improve your business and brand. We hope this article has given a little insight into the benefits of Facebooks Groups and why you should be using them.


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