Top 10 Social Media Platforms for Business

As you may know, the ‘old school’ social platforms only started out as something very basic. However, it goes without saying that they have developed significantly over the years, integrating more and more accessible features into their software and now making it easier than ever to navigate your way through the world of media.

With the number of worldwide Social Media users expected to reach around 3 billion by 2021, there’s no denying that so many of us use it on the daily. However, do you actually know what happens behind all these amazing platforms and perhaps how popular newly incorporated apps of the market are becoming. No? Well, some of these statistics might shock you!


 Here are our Top 10 most popular Social Networking sites – based on monthly users:


PlatformMonthly Users

 Interesting right? As we probably guessed, Facebook is running away with the number of active monthly users, and that number is always rising! You could say Facebook has influenced a lot of newer and more innovative platforms like Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ and Snapchat to burst onto the scene, gain vast exposure and rise in interest. Personally, I know my first involvement with social media was creating a Facebook account, and that was before we truly knew the potential of where content marketing would take us today!

The world of Social Media is set to take a huge increase in the number of users in the future; there’s no denying that! We’ve seen just how many people use these popular platforms on a monthly basis and totalled together with the estimated rise of users by 2021; it really leaves us guessing as to what’s next on the market and what new features we could be seeing very soon. This is a very exciting time for content creation and how we can inject the brand's personality into the social posts. In addition, digital marketing campaigns will become more effective alongside the constant updates of tools to use on the wide range of social media platforms.

So, tell us,

What’s your favourite social media platform?

How many of the Top 10 platforms do you use from the list?

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