How your Small Business can use Social Media in 2019

Video Marketing Campaigns

Video is becoming much more important to online channels for a small business, and is the most eye caching format of content. Long gone are the days where videos buffered, and mobile websites were a drag to use. Now video is more accessible wherever you are – at home or on the move. And its worthwhile considering where your target audience may be.

Whatever platform you’re looking to market on, its likely video is your best bet in terms of creating the most engaging content. This could be YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Video has become so important partially due to technological advancements, but also consumer familiarity. The rise of video on demand has impacted other industries and how platforms can engage with viewers. Amazon is moving more into the TV and film industry, alongside the likes of Netflix and other online platforms. So, you need to start utilising video right now, or risk fading into obscurity.

 Live Video for Small Business

And speaking of video. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and plenty of other platforms now make tonnes of live video. While on demand video is, of course, always going to be there, live has a different set of benefits.

And big businesses have caught onto this. Twitch is now owned by Amazon which is pushed via Amazon’s Prime. YouTube has many live events shown live. Social channels all allows users to broadcast live. This too will help push the live video trend. Live internet video will account for 13 percent of the total video traffic in 2018.

Think about the kind of content your customers may wish to see live. While webinars have long been popular with businesses, similar sorts of “live” videos can be produced too help market your brand.

Rise and Fall of Different Social Media Platforms

Facebook could fall, but Instagram is on the rise, which is Facebook anyway, so as a small business watch that. We have also seen Snapchat rise right to the top, to then take a shaky sidestep as some updates angered the community. And then we have seen Facebook copy many of the things that make Snapchat so popular and subsequently won back ground. Instagram Stories are often favoured by brands over Snapchat Stories, even though this isn’t an “original” concept from Instagram.

So, there are a few ways that you can properly utilise social media in 2019 as a small business, I hope you will take these suggestions into consideration and use them in the upcoming year ahead.

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