How to Write an Effective Meta Description: Part 2

Ensure your Meta Description represents the page

Now, starting out on this one, you will want to ensure that your meta description will represent the page accurately. Make sure your meta description accurately portrays what visitors will see when they click through. Gaining a click because you oversell or misrepresent what is on the page is not worth it. You risk losing the visitors trust ad will likely gain an increased bounce rate out of the deal. So, make sure your webpage will deliver on any claims you make in the meta description.

Use an action-oriented CTA

Next up, you need to use an action-oriented CTA. A call to action often works best when they encourage people to do something active. Use some of the characters in your meta description to urge people to click with action terms like “learn how,” “read more,” or “discover.”

Use Schema Where Appropriate

The next thing you will want to do is use schema mark-up when appropriate. One of the biggest changes to the SERPs since Google started has been the rise of rich snippets. While they don’t show up for every search, for a number of types of searches, you will now see additional information included within the SERP listings, such as pricing for products or calories for recipes. Make sure you get familiar with the different types of rich snippet and make a habit out of including schema markup on any web page where the extra information is relevant and valuable to searchers.

Proofread your Meta Description

And lastly, make sure that you proofread your meta description. Hopefully, you already know to proofread all of your web pages and content before they go live, but make sure you remember to do the same for your meta descriptions, it can be easy to forget this simple step, but if your big sales pitch on the SERP includes an embarrassing error, it could lose you clicks and hurt your reputation.

Meta descriptions are important, but they are just one small part of doing SEO well on your website. To strengthen your website’s chances of landing those coveted top spots in the search rankings, ensure you follow all of these steps.

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