SEO Tips to Instantly Increase Your Presence on Google

During this blog I will discuss the content creation and content engagement, furthermore, I will provide tips on how to optimize your page titles and mobile optimisation. Don't forget that images are also crucial for your content. SEO is nothing without content, you need content to drive SEO! Search engine optimisation is a creative process that requires deep research into your brand's goals the market you are operating in and the nature of the industry. This is where content needs to reflect these core values to boost the SEO rankings of your website and overall presence.

Organic search is still number 1 when it comes to driving traffic to websites so take advantage of this and rocket boost your brand to the next level. 86% of searches on Google are on the first page only, the chances of a user clicking on the second page is very slim. So how do you combat the challenge of getting on page 1?

Tweak your website with our SEO tips now. Make fresh content, search engines love new content which means this opens the door for blogs lots and lots of blogs. They need to be relevant to your business industry while also being keyword sprinkled which will help your website rank. Remember that the blogs need to be entertaining too, they should not bore the reader they must engage the user to read more, create blog series about specific topics so that they can click from blog to another and carry on reading.

The content needs to be linked together so add internal links from blogs to the web pages on the website. this does not only include blogs, it needs to be content filled pages on your website too and links to your social media profiles. Also, this must be done for all content old content and new content all need to be internally linked together.

Images are must for blogs, website pages social media posts but they mean nothing unless you optimise the images. Adding keywords within the file names, alt text, descriptions and captions will help the search engines filter the content this is called the index.

Page titles are crucial for ranking your content properly, the page title needs to attract users instantly, so in order to maximise the chances of clicks keep the page title relevant, unique, and sprinkled with keywords. a page title needs its meta description adding below it, this is simply the bread and butter combination that keeps your content visible.

URL of the page with the content needs to include the main keywords. end of the day you could create the most awesome piece of content in the world but it won't make a difference unless the URL is a strong one that can be recognised by search engines immediately.

The last and final tip im going to give in this blog in order to rocket boost your SEO is that your website needs to be mobile optimised and this is because of the increase in the volume of mobile searches, This means your website needs mobile optimisation otherwise Google won't rank you that highly.

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