Ways to Spice up Your Photography 🌶

Below I have listed a few different ways in which you can take random and inspirational photos, just some simple little tricks and ideas to get your creative mind flowing.

Zoom While Shooting  

One simple yet effective method to changing the perspective of your photography would be to zoom when you shoot. After you've pressed the button to shoot, quickly zoom your lens as the photo is being taken. This will help to add depth and movement to your image and give it a unique twist.

Shoot from Below   

Get down low and imagine you're taking the shot from the perspective of an ant or mouse. What does the world look like from their perspective? This helps to create a random point of view for your shots and gets the viewer in a different mindset. See what small wonders you have been missing out on.

Get Up High  

As well as getting your camera down to the lowest point, why not go the opposite way and get a shot from somewhere up high? Shoot down on different situations and see what you come up with! (no pun intended). Either by drone or just being in a tree or inside a tall building. Wherever you are, there are opportunities for you to change the angle of the subject you are trying to shoot.

The world can look a lot differently when viewed from different angles and heights. Go and experiment and see what shots you can come up with.


This method looks especially good when accompanied by a black and white or sepia tone filter as it can help you get that old style look to your photos. To get this effect all you need to do is override your cameras ISO settings by boosting them up as high as they'll go as this will then give you the grainy look you are after. The higher you boost the ISO settings, the grainier the image will be.

Move Your Camera  

Instead of standing still whilst you are trying to take that perfect image, why not move about a bit? This can give your photos motion and movement. Sure, they may look a little blurry at first glance, but it will give an interesting spin on the way you normally shoot photos.

Try spinning around whilst you're taking the shot or even throwing your camera mid shot (not for the faint of heart!) to get unique shots and effects without the use of Photoshop.


Practice really does make perfect. Don't expect to love the results of your first attempt of each of the above methods. Instead, just keep shooting and find different methods that work best for your style of photography. Experimentation is key when it comes to anything creative, and without it, nothing new would be achieved and art would never progress.

Louisa Kelly - Institution Marketing - Photography


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