Themes and Campaign Art

A theme may include the background, graphics, illustrations, fonts, colours, the list goes on it all depends how in-depth you wish to go and how many options the chosen theme gives you. Sometimes even the position of text on a page can fit into a theme. The best thing about all of it is that even though you have a slight guideline, you can be as creative as possible. Working with a theme is excellent training as well because you can see how far your mind can take you with creativity on a topic.

If you work for a business, then you will know clients usually have a theme already or have an idea you can work off, with digital marketing a theme may be applied to a campaign to carry across to social media or a print campaign, possibly both. As a designer, it's beneficial to have the skill of coming up with campaign artwork ideas. With a campaign, it will have an objective, so it's vital to reflect that on the graphics side of things.

Keep it fresh. Mix things up, you have to think a campaign will be over a period and it's your job to keep it looking attractive all the way. People get bored of repeats so changing things up a bit makes all the difference, it might not be big changes but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

So to sum up, themes are a great tool to set a course for artwork whether its a single design or a full social media or print campaign. Thanks for reading this weeks graphic design blog.


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